WestConnex MOC3 Buildings


Public Infrastructure (Design & Engineer Stage Scaffolding System)


WestConnex New M5 – MOC3 Buildings, Sydney NSW


Jun 2018 – Current



Delivered by Sydney Motorway Corporation as a series of separate projects, the WestConnex New M5 project will run from the existing M5 East corridor at Beverly Hills via twin tunnels to St Peter’s, providing improved access to the airport, South Sydney and Port Botany precincts. The works include roofing, cladding, supply and installation of specialized doors & frames, ceilings, external linings and hydraulics to the Exhaust Ventilation, Supply Ventilation and Substation Buildings. Roofing will include but not be limited to the supply and install of the thermal and acoustic insulation system.

The client engaged An-CO to supply scaffolding solutions for access into vent stacks in the exhaust buildings. At-Pac Ringlock scaffolding system was erected to create multiple lifts of scaffold to allow installation of precast panels and grout and sealing of joints. In a high-risk job where safety is a top priority, engineering calculations and detailed design ensure that An-CO met the requirements of the project and kept workers safe.

With a close working relationship with Kenny Constructions, An-CO has the management support to complete large-scale projects across Australia.